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Who is Midwife Delk?

Mom. Midwife. Lover of all things strange and unusual. Music junkie. Gamer Geek. Knowledge lover.

So you want to get to know more about me? Okay, you asked for it. Here is a lovely ramble/tangent about myself:
I am a mother of 4 feral little babes (Mother of Dragons).Their ages range from 8years old down to just a few months old. Two girls and two boys all of them have a wild side in different ways. They are all so much fun, I love adventuring with them. You can catch us throwing a dance party, coloring, and snacking pretty often.
I love learning new things and can list off such random ffacts. I'm a walking snapple cap and can be pretty bomb at trivia nights.I spend a lot of time researching my latest hobbies (I have a billion of them, I swear.) Everything from vinyl cutting to sewing and crocheting to resin jewlery to baking, my hands are in everything. Ocassionally my hands are stained from working with tye dye, so forgive me if I show up  to a prenatal looking a little like a smurf.
On weekends you can catch me snuggled up with a book or binge watching my favorite shows. There is always good food and new recipes involved because I'm a foodie. More often than not there is music ranging from Cardi B to New Orleans jazz. My pandora thumbprint station is wild.Dancing makes house work more tolerable and long drives much faster. If you catch me at a red light, well, I'm sorry.Laughing is one of my top ten favorite things. Make me laugh till I'm crying and my stomach hurts.
I'm just a semi-normal person with  a passion for birthwork finding my path in this big wide world.
Still here? Looking for more fun facts about me? Okay, you win.
Likes: Music, horror movies, lazy sunday mornings, knee high socks, the smell of fresh cut grass, candles, swimming, plays, painting, making herbal teas, Volvos, good speaker systems, cheesesteaks, small town fairs and festivals, nail salons, halloween and fall, soft blankets, bonfires, thunderstorms, the night sky, the way books feel and smell, cute coffee shops, cobblestones streets, shopping, opals and moonstones, Ps4 and Nintendo switch gaming, writing poetry, tattoos, funky hair colors, babywearing, yoga pants, cuddling my babies, carrot cake with cream cheese icing, pop culture quotes, music from a hurdy gurdy.
Dislikes: Speed limits (jk... kinda), cold rainy weather, wet socks, traffic, tangled yarn, crowds, folding laundry, ads on hulu and youtube, the top shelf of my cabinets (I'm 5'3").
I am an open book and can be quite the chatterbox if you REALLY want to know more, let's set up a consultation over coffee and some yummy baked goods!!!
XOXOXOMidwife Delk

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