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Christiana Delk


Christiana is a mom of four, a lover of knowledge, and passionate about all things birth.

Christiana knew after the birth of her first daughter that she wanted to work with birthing people and babies. She knew there was more to be desired when it came to support during pregnancy and birth.

Christiana's passion for birth started with becoming her own advocate as a young parent. By the time she gave birth to her third child she was on the path to supporting families both in and out of hospital.

The flame of her passion only grew hotter as she found herself as an assistant and student to a local homebirth midwife. Over her apprenticeship she continued to fall in love with the rhythm of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Everything from pre-conception support to loving on families in the post-partum period, it became a deeply engrained part of her.

Christiana wanted to dive deeper into what in-home care can truly mean to people. She pushed herself further and learned skills to be able to offer well-person care, fertility support, and IUI in the home setting.  

Supporting and empowering people has become her life goal. She wants to meet people where they are with empathy and compassion. She supports individuals being their true selves and all family dynamics.

Christiana is in her 2nd year of solo practice and her passion is still as fiery as the day she attended her first homebirth. 

When Christiana isn't attending homebirths, mentoring local birth workers, or providing support to her community she's usually reading, jamming out with her kids, or off on an adventure with the family.  She is    an artist at heart so she can often be found dabbling in some type of art project. Food is her love language and whipping up new recipes in the kitchen brings her so much joy.


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