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Birth can be both a "Hello" and a "Goodbye". During these times it is so important for memories to be made and for the family to feel supported.



When called for a loss I bring tools to  support through labor as well as tools to help create memories. During the labor I will offer birth support as well as photography. Post birth I will help you bond with your baby and advocate for you to spend the most time you can with your little one. I can help you bathe, dress, and care for you baby during this time while capturing these memories on camera if it is wanted. To make memories post birth I bring materials for hand/foot casting, ink pads and thick paper for hand/foot prints, photo props that go home with the parents, camera, and small blankets that are given to the parents as well. After attending the loss I edit all the photos for the best quality keepsakes and work with the parents on how they want the hand and foot castings decorated. I also am able to make memorial jewelry with cremains and breastmilk. After receiving the measurements and weight of the baby I can also make a weighted doll for the family to help with the grieving process.


I have trained with StillBirthDay, PAIL Advocates, and Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. With having a well rounded education and continuing to educate myself on loss I am able to support families from hearing the news of a loss or fatal diagnosis to final goodbyes and the days and weeks that follow after a loss. I have compiled a large list of community resource's to help families through these trying times. I support through all decisions and choices with compassion and empathy. I am available for both in person and virtual support across the country. In my spare time I make weighted loss dolls to help give families some comfort post loss.



There are many fees that come with a loss that are not expected. I volunteer my services to families as well as take donations for loss dolls and in person support to be able to continue to offer my services. I will be doing fund raising in the future to be able to extend my services to more families. Please reach out regardless of financial situation, every family deserves support.

Bereavement Support: Services
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