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Montrice Care

Investment: $3,500 

The Montrice package would include vitals being taken at all prenatal and postnatal appointments as well as vitals taken during labor to ensure you and baby are doing well laboring at home until you feel ready to go to the hospital. Everything will be charted during the time of care. This option allows you to labor at home with the comfort of knowing someone is checking in on the health of you and baby until you are ready to go to the hospital.

We will discuss what care would look like, emergencies, and work on a birth plan to fit your family and needs!

The Montrice package includes:

-3 Prenatals

-Unlimited Labor Support both in home and at the hospital

-Use of labor tools (Rebozo, TENS Unit, Yoga/Peanut ball,ect)

-2 Postpartum Visits

-Childbirth Education

-Breastfeeding Support/Referrals 

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Childbirth Education

Investment: $250

Doula Delk's Childbirth Education has two online classrooms. One for Homebirth Education and one for Hospital! In this childbirth education series it includes:

The Anatomy and Physiology of Labor

Common Homebirth/Hospital birth Specifics

Evidenced Based Resources for Information

Comfort Measures


Breastfeeding Latches and Basics

PDF Books 

Birth Affirmations

Birth Videos 

Birthing Positions/Tools

Educational Videos

Birth Stories

and More!!

The online platform allows you to work on it at your own pace from the comfort of your home and return to topics you want to refresh on!

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Midwifery Care

Homebirth Midwifery Care

$6,000 Investment

Includes: Prenatals in the comfort of your own home, starting at 12 weeks (Once a month till 32 weeks, biweekly from 32-36 weeks, weekly from 36-40+ weeks!) Prenatals typically last 1-2 hours depending on family needs. 

Your birth team being on call from 36 weeks till birth (midwife and assistant(s)

 3-4 in home postpartum visits (1-2 hours a visit)

Birth certificate filing, newborn screenings, and the birth tub rental (optional).

***Other charges may include: Labs, ultrasounds, supplements, other homebirth supplies.

Birth Kit- $54
The kit will include everything you need for your home birth, it will not include the disposable products for a water birth unless you add them at the time of your order! This is also where you can buy your oral vitamin K. Your birth kit can be found here:

***Ask about payment plans, co-care, and discounts for financial need!
****Ask for fees for "Drop in" care!


Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation: $250Includes placenta encapsulation in size 0 capsules, cord art, and a placenta print.
Placenta Casting: $100Includes a painted plaster casting of your placenta.
Placenta Tincture: $35

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